Neurologie und Thompson Technik bei Minardi


22.08.2024 10 – 19 Uhr

23.08.2024 09 – 18 Uhr

24.08.2024 09 – 18 Uhr


John Minardi, D.C.


ECA European Chiropractic Akademy

Herforder Str.2

32545 Bad Oeynhausen


HP, Approbation, M.Sc., D.C. oder vergleichbaren Abschluss oder Student der Chiropraktik

Das Seminar findet in englischer Sprache statt.

1499€ für BDC-Mitglieder

1999€ für Nicht-BDC-Mitglieder

750€ für externe Studenten

In this class, Dr. Minardi will invigorate your certainty in the chiropractic adjustment, by teaching the newly evolved Thompson Technique.

Originally unveiled by ist creator Dr. J. Clay Thompson in the 1950s, this class will encompass all elements of the original technique, and expand the teaching where Clay could not, due to the science limitations of his era. This class will explain each step in depth, using the latest research in the fields of biomechanics and neurology to increase your clinical certainty. The biomechanical and neurological rationale underlying the leg length analysis will be covered, and will indicate how a subluxation, regardless of spinal location, directly affects leg lengths, postural tone and balance. Full Spine subluxation analysis and adjustments will be taught in a clear and concise manner, utilizing outstanding visual aids, to optimize your learning experience and all the while staying true with our founding chiropractic philosophy.

The chiropractic adjustment does not simply correct a patient’s pain, in contrast, it has a profound global neurological effect in the human body. This class will increase the practicing chiropractor’s scientific certainty in the adjustment, illuminating how powerful the chiropractor is by correcting subluxations daily in their own clinic. In this session, Dr. Minardi will explain the VSC’s neurological effect on nociception and pain, and how this nociceptive information has a direct effect on the stress response, the autonomic nervous system, the immune system and the GI System.



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